Confidentiality is at the core of our values and beliefs. Standards need to be set which safeguard clients, counsellors and organisations during the therapeutic process. The precise limits and extent of confidentiality involving each organisation will be clarified and discussed. Your counsellor will go through this at your first session, as part of the your agreement to counselling: our client/associate support agreement form outlines the expectations for client (you), your counsellor & NOSS and your organisation.

Please contact us for more details if you need anything explained in advance of your first session.

Breaking confidentiality is only permitted under certain circumstances as outlined in the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (2018)

We operate a disciplinary process and anyone who breaks the BACP Ethical Framework will be subjected to an investigation which may lead to disciplinary action by NOSS Ltd. or the Associate’s Professional Body.

  • The issue of confidentiality will be discussed and agreed at the first counselling or group session, please ask our reception staff or counsellors if you require clarification.
  • Associates working in a management referral system will discuss the conditions of the referral with the employee and ensure that the employee is able to give informed consent before any counselling takes place.
  • Should informed consent be unobtainable, the issue will be referred back to the original source of the referral.
  • No matter which service we are providing for you please make sure you have clear understanding regarding confidentiality.
  • If issues arise within a group or counselling session and issues need to be taken outside the session to be resolved, this should be with the consent of the client or all the group members.