The workplace is constantly changing. Personal coaching improves the effectiveness of the individual through Continual Professional Development.

You want your staff to perform well. Effective coaching unleashes potential and expands capacity to bring about real change and growth.

Some of the many benefits of coaching include

  • Enables focus on achievement
  • Helps to stay on track with vision and goals
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds energy, commitment, motivation
  • Enhances relationships and communication
  • Change unwanted emotions and behaviours
  • Helps with a shift in attitude
  • Increase possibilities and remove limitations
  • Achieve balance and fulfilment in life
  • Solves problems

What happens during a coaching session?

  • Coaching is a one to one discussion, where the coach provides a private space and the time to focus specifically on the individual and their needs
  • The coach is trained to draw out strengths and discover new possibilities and is there as a sounding board for new ideas
  • Coaching is a proactive, results oriented activity that honours intelligence and experience and helps to blast through any blocks to success

In a nutshell

Coaching will help close the gap between where the individual is now and where they want/need to be.

Financial and Legal Advice

NOSS is able to offer your employees:

Financial Advice and Guidance on a range of topics, to support your employees and guide them through their financial queries and issues.

General Legal Advice where your employees may need support in understanding and taking the next steps with their own legal queries and issues.

We have professional advisers who work with NOSS to deliver this service to you.

Risk Assessment

NOSS directly assist your organisation by:

Implementing stress risk assessments, for individual and groups when requested.

Jointly enhancing the current HSE risk assessment tool by adding a ‘personal log’. This enables the individual and the organisation to “tailor” any adjustments required, with the specific aim of making the minimum changes for the maximum affect. This approach is combined with following up the member of staff on a regular basis.

We seek to raise the awareness of the effect that physical and mental stress has upon each and everyone within the organisation, our aim is to reduce time away from the workplace, often evidenced by the sickness absence figures.

We provide information evidencing the numbers of staff, their grade etc who attend the “stress awareness training” for example providing each member of staff with a Certificate of Attendance enabling each member of staff to add this training to their own Continued Professional Development, which provides outstanding value for money.

Evaluation and Audit

At NOSS we help you to support your staff, ensuring that everyone can remain happy and healthy at work. We focus on;

  • Keeping the employee at work
  • Reducing the time staff are away from work due to sickness
  • Raising awareness of the service
  • The provision of Evaluation sheets
  • Attendance at Service Review Meetings

We operate an evidenced- based independent counselling service, which continues to maintain the highest standards currently available for any counselling service in the UK.

We will provide a full report to evidence our performance against the measures detailed within our contract with you. All contracts can be tailor-made to suit the individual organisation and we are happy to discuss your particular requirements in terms of service standards and reporting procedures. We regularly review our contracts and encourage regular contact with you during which time we will make recommendations for the development of the service. Typical recommendations include;

  • A Crisis Management Plan- helps to prepare for such an eventuality as work-related trauma
  • A management referral facility-invaluable in managing sickness absence, particularly where stress is a factor.

We can support your organisation by helping to reduce the number of episodes that staff are away from work. Our main aim is to keep the employee at work where possible, or return the employee to work swiftly ensuring they remain happy and healthy in their work

The primary focus for NOSS is to support staff whilst they are in work rather than after they have taken sickness absence. We seek to help staff to develop resilience strategies alongside work based strategies aimed at keeping staff productive and working effectively.

We support both the individual and the organisation.


The evaluation process is conducted using ‘Client Feedback’ reports and these provide evidence that staff view the service positively and value the services highly. The process helps your organisation to understand key areas of concern effecting staff attendance and wellbeing. Client Feedback is important in order to ensure that the service provided is both cost-effective for the organisation, and continually adjusted to meet the changing needs of both the staff and the organisation.

The evaluation usually finds evidence of why staff access the service along with

  • Usage ~ the number of staff using the service
  • Can show location/division/department
  • Gender
  • Presenting issue
  • Secondary issue

This information can be used in conjunction with the following to endure that the service remains wholly relevant and effective.


Helps organisations to assess;

  • Service quality
  • Waiting times
  • Equity of access to the service
  • Risk assessment
  • Efficient delivery of therapy
  • Overall effectiveness

This ensures that the service provided to the organisation remains totally transparent.

Demonstrating that the organisation has in place robust and mature systems for evidencing the provision of staff support, and also reflecting the quality and effectiveness of the service.

We work with the organisation to develop their own client feedback questionnaire.

This allows for the questionnaire to be tailored to the more specific needs, and delivery components, of the organisation.

Cost benefit analysis

At NOSS we understand that each service provided needs to remain wholly cost effective. Therefore we are proactive in suggesting positive changes that your organisation could make in order to offset the impact of future difficulties which may influence the productivity or well being of your staff: For example, we can work with you to prepare for and outline a Crisis Prevention Plan for trauma, including clear lines of responsibility, thus ensuring adherence to general Health and Safety Executive guidelines and establishing a clear process to assist management to deal with difficult situations quickly and effectively.

We will routinely meet with you to discuss the results of auditing and evaluation and to assess the way forward.