Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes or conflicts in a variety of settings, whether in a formal or informal setting. It provides a staged, managed process, owned by the participants, providing a way forward where participants explore various options in order to resolve any conflicts or disputes they may have.

By agreeing to mediation those involved are giving out a positive message that they are serious about reaching a resolution to any issues.

Mediation is effective in resolving conflicts between:

  • Staff
  • Clients
  • Individuals
  • Managers
  • Teams/groups

The mediators will support all the parties in expressing their issues without bias, exploring options and solutions and reaching a clear agreement which is supported through the spirit of the process and finalised in a written agreement or statement.

The process throughout remains confidential to those involved unless otherwise agreed, whilst being mindful that the overall aim of mediation is to help all parties reach a solution to their problems and find an outcome that suits all members.

Mediation is beneficial to all parties because it is quick both in start up time and completion. It is cost effective both in terms of financial outlay and personal/work time. It can help provide the building blocks for relations that may have suffered prior to the process if this is desired by all parties.

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At NOSS we seek to effectively communicate to managers and staff the Mediation facilities available, enabling any relationship difficulties within the organisation to be resolved quickly and expertly.

Mediation FAQs

Mediation is a process where an independent person brings two or more people together to resolve a dispute or conflict. The staged process effectively aims for a win- win situation. Mediation looks specifically to the future, encouraging both/all parties to arrive at a mutual understanding.

How much does it cost?

Mediation is a very cost effective solution to disputes/ conflicts both in terms of time and money. Costs are agreed before the process is undertaken so that there are no surprises. Therefore it is not only cost effectively financially, its also effective in saving you both personal and work time.

What happens in mediation?

There is a staged approach to mediation. At each of these stages the process is re-confirmed. Each party is given an opportunity to present their issues separately. All parties are then brought together with the mediator to discuss face to face the issues they have raised. The mediator is looking for each party to identify any possible solutions to the conflict/dispute. The process is completely confidential. By the end of the process, a solution or solutions is agreed and a written agreement or statement between the parties, is drawn up. The parties can also reserve the right to recall a mediator if they wish.

What if an agreement cannot be reached?

Mediation can only take place if the issues each party has are within the power of each party to resolve. So, provided each party enters the mediation process with the desire to hear and resolve the issues raised, solutions and an agreement are likely to be reached. Research indicates that 93% of disputes are resolved in one day.

Mediation Code of Conduct

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NOSS European Code of Conduct for Mediators