Our Staff – Who We Are

We believe its good to put a face to a name and we are pleased to introduce ourselves and the team behind the scenes at NOSS

This helps us build our lasting working relationships with you

Elaine Adams

Elaine Adams

Clinical Director

Elaine has extensive experience of service provision in the public and private sectors having provided direct workplace clinical expertise and support to all types of organisations and establishments as well as contract and relationship managing the complete business portfolio.

Elaine has been practicing for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in face to face counselling. Her specialisms include CBT and trauma counselling; depression and anxiety; and workplace stress. As well as being the founder of NOSS and its Clinical Director, she also designs and delivers bespoke mental health first aid courses, and wellbeing briefing sessions.

Vicki Cooper

Vicki Cooper

Operations Director

Vicki is the lead on our workplace conflict resolution service and transformational change support workshops. Delivering bespoke packages for a range of need:

• from small mediations to large group and complex situations
• support and awareness workshops on wellbeing and change for management and / or staff

Vicki has extensive, direct, senior management experience working within a local authority environment. Her in-depth understanding of how large complex organisations operate: the span of deliverables; job roles; current pressures; relationships with arms-length companies, third parties and joint working and her experience of working alongside HR and health and safety professionals has enabled her to lead on the development and delivery of a professional, cost-effective and results focussed service that is aligned with and is responsive to the needs of employees and the wider organisation.

Head Office Staff

Business Development and Business Support Experts

Collectively they have wide-ranging experience gained from the public and private sectors (local government, health & social care and SME) including: business development and process review; management and support; process and procedure; contracts and service level agreements; reporting and invoicing, bookings and reception - professional experts in their own rights. As a team and individually they have transferable skills at organisational, professional and service level – sharing and building on good practice and ideas. Here, at the end of the phone, to help support the client, the counsellors and the contracted organisations.

NOSS Associates

Counsellors, Mediators & Trainers

Our counsellors and associates are highly qualified and recruited according to their BACP/British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy registration/accreditation, or the equivalent accredited status of their professional body (e.g. BABCP/CIMA/CIPFA/FSA/Law Society) which evidences not only their academic, professional qualifications but also their additional qualifications, experience and specialisms (which is the basis on which we recruit our associates).