About Network of Staff Supporters ‘NOSS’ Ltd

We are a specialist workplace counselling, employee assistance and mediation company. We are one of the few British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Accredited Service Status for Therapeutic Counselling Services (ref 119296) and the only company in Wales to have this accreditation (the highest accreditation in the UK for a counselling company / organisation). First accredited in 2008, we renewed our accreditation in 2015, with ongoing annual audits in place to ensure we continue to meet the high standards required by the BACP.  You can also find us on the register of BACP Accredited Services

Associate Members of UK EAPA (the Employee Assistance Programme Association)

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

At NOSS we provide a model and national network of high quality and realistic staff support for any type of organisation throughout the UK. Our reputation for providing a qualitative and sensitive service is recognised in the growth of our client base. Counselling is a major component of employee support. All NOSS counsellors are experienced, highly trained professionals with specialist knowledge and experience in the full range of counselling professions.

NOSS reached a significant milestone in 2016 – celebrating 20 years of business – so well established in the marketplace.

In summary NOSS is an experienced, professionally accredited, workplace counselling and mediation company – supporting all aspects of, for example (though not limited to) – redundancy, accidents, death, trauma, breakdowns, stress, depression, critical incidents, major incident team members, home, drug, anger, illness, abuse, sexual issues, disability, phobias, personality disorders, youth issues and victim support.

We work independently or in partnership with Employee Assistance Programmes, HR, Health and Safety or Occupational Health teams in the private and public sectors – transport, food, hospitality, nuclear, defence, car, manufacturing, electronic pharmaceutical, construction, aerospace, newspapers, Universities, FE and agricultural colleges, schools, academies, Councils, NHS, ambulance, fire and rescue GP, dental practices, charities – homelessness, housing, hostels and hospices.

Our Mission Statement

We provide counselling, employee assistance and health and wellbeing support, mediation and training to all sectors of the community and do so in accordance to the relevant professional standards. We are committed to the promotion of ethical, confidential, open, honest and transparent communications that not only promotes the emotional health, well-being and harmony of all people who in anyway access our services or seek our help and ensure that we conduct all aspects of our business in accordance with the law and with integrity and consistency.

NOSS Accessibility Strategy

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NOSS Accessibility Strategy 2013 To 2025

Annual Reports