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Please find below links to a selection of our ‘In a Nutshell‘ self-help guides on a number of mental health issues and wellbeing topics. These have been produced through experiential and CPD learning, research and a collaborative approach with other NOSS associates & other professionals including our own Clinical Director. We regularly update and refresh the selection to ensure our topics and themes reflect the client and organisational needs.

Select the topic relevant to your need/area of interest from the ‘In a Nutshell’ sub-library* in the resources toolbar above, and you will find a selection of documents relating to that subject. Alternatively, you can left click on a document link below to open it in a new tab or window.

*this section is currently under development but you can still find the relevant document in the alphabetical list below

10 things about anger

10 Self-Help Tips to stop smoking

10 tips for hydration

10 tips to help you stop drinking

10 tips for sleep

12 facts about depression

50 signs and symptoms of stress

A guide to stress

Anxiety and negative thinking

Anxiety and panic attacks


Battery filling suggestions

Your ‘Battery’ – Take the Wellbeing Test

Burnout improving emotional health

Catastrophic thinking

Coping with change

Cyber bullying

Dating again

Depression and stress management


Eat to beat stress

Emotional hunger vs physical hunger

Exercise and your Mental Health

Get active

Grounding techniques for coping with flashbacks and distress


Harassment at work

Helping yourself after a traumatic event

How to survive change


Look after yourself after a stressful event

Managing your emotions



Physical symptoms of stress

Recognising Stress in Self and Others


Rebalancing 8 x 8 x 8


Resilience test

Shift work

Signs and symptoms of stress

Signs you are in sleep debt

Sleep – how to make your bedroom surroundings ‘sleep friendly’

Sleep hygiene


Identifying Stress – A questionnaire

Surviving change

Surviving panic attacks


Why you may not be sleeping well

Workplace bullying