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NOSS - Leaders in workplace support

The Network of Staff Supporters provides a national framework of high quality and realistic staff support for any type of organisation, throughout the UK. Established since 1996, our reputation for providing a qualitative and sensitive service is recognised in the growth of our client base and reconfirms our vision of being the organisation of choice for your needs.

We are an independent company, whose aim is to help you as an organisation or as an individual. We are workplace specialists. Whilst we work with individuals within an organisation, we are contracted to that organisation providing a national network of support.

We place great emphasis on the health and wellbeing of the people and the organisations we work with.

Our aim is for your workforce to be happy to go to work, confident they are supported and working in a culture that values the wellbeing, health and motivation of the workforce with the aim that the organisation continues to be successful.

We aim to be a Catalyst for Change on an individual and organisational level

We offer a ‘Toolkit’ of

  • Our reputation is of supreme importance to us as individual practitioners and as an organisation.
  • We constantly ensure our practice is of the highest standard
  • We are one of the few national organisations who can provide a BACP accredited counselling service.